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Separating a long way from home

There is no way to make ending a marriage easy, but you can make it less difficult – especially for your kids. When your relationship ends, it’s tough – whether you choose it, or simply have to live with your partner’s choice .. And it can be particularly hard if you’re a long way from home.


Separating, splitting up, divorce; they are some of the hardest words to face. Most people don’t opt for separation easily. It’s often a complex choice. When staying or going both seem difficult, and it’s hard to see a positive way forward, these articles may help you to think through the issues.

No Longer Partners, but still Parents

You love your kids. You want to do your best for them. But when you’re struggling with big changes in your own life, you wonder how you can.

Getting the best from separation counselling

One of your supports during a separation can be counselling. Counselling will be different depending on where you are up to in the process, and how each of you feels.

What happens to men when women leave them?

Being left can be shocking and very painful. Sometimes its especially hard for men.


Leaving your partner isn’t a decision most people take lightly. In fact, it usually takes considerable courage to turn your life upside down, walk away from financial security and the life you have built with another person. For most people separation is a step to a better life, free of destructive relational patterns.

When Parents Decide to Separate

There’s no perfect time for parents to separate as far as their children are concerned. But if the children are in their teens it’s important to tell them what’s happening and involve them in decisions which affect them.

Families living apart: separation & divorce

When families are living apart because of separation or divorce, or some other reason they start to develop new family structures. For many families its about finding their own way to be a family even though they live apart.

When Parents Separate: Through Children’s Eyes

The tough thing about being a parent is that while your kids are allowed to act like kids, you still have to act like a grown up, even when you feel about as far from adult as you can get.

All In The Family

It could be your family business, your secrets, or who gets a say in family decisions. Whatever it is when you keep it in the family you set up a dividing line. You rope in the people you count as your family. You close others out.

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